Saturday, February 27, 2010

inside an egg

a weak body,
trapped inside an egg,
no one to tell.

listens inwards,
figures out a beak,
breaches the walls.

There is no other God.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

random thought

The artist, who needs a camera to hide behind, or the subject- the beauty .. who is camera shy? !!

camera is certainly the only bold one doing his work!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Let me get straight to the point: I am a unique Graduate student of all times. This is because, rather than doing a phd, I am writing a script that takes these inputs and just does the following 10 steps:

Input parameters:
-name of the grad student
-email-ids of thesis committee members in alphabetical order.
(Note: currently the code errors out if the id's are not in the alphabetical order.)

and, does the following:
1. defines a problem
2. reads in a library of literature data
3. proposes n physical models
4. validates all models with experiments
5. modifies the models
6. runs simulations based on these assumptions
7. keeps sending me emails of statii of simulation-jobs ('focus' plural 'foci' , then 'status' plural 'statii'??)
8. sends graphs/ interpretations via email -to my iPhone (that I plan to buy)
9. Makes power point presentations
10. sends out email invitations (template lib included) to thesis committee members after mining through their online schedules and finding a common time

So now I have to focus only on these three things:

1. complete the work on
2. learn the plural of the word 'status' : whether it is statii or statuses or something else..
3. prepare for presentation

rest all is going to be fun as well !!


Friday, February 19, 2010


One Giant tree had shadows such,
that the seedlings felt so safe,
no storms, no wind,
no scorching heat,
such perfect was their fate !

therein grew a sad seedling once
who kept complaining and hissing,
for the sun, for the wind,
for the challenges,
of storms that he thought he was missing !

there was a happier bush, in the neighboring yard,
who never got a big tree,
but was stronger and greener,
though he faced the storms sooner,
he wondered, how could this be !

when the sad one asked the happy little bush
of the secret of his might,
the latter replied,
to the secure child,
that his attitudes were right !

"Use your Shadows! Build your Roots !"
said he, fetch food, get storm-fit,
as it's not much in what we have got,
it's in what we make of it !


Thursday, February 11, 2010


मी आहे बावन्न पत्त्यांमधला एक !
रोज-रोज, तेच ते लोक मला,
त्याच त्या एक्कावन्न पत्त्यांबरोबर पिसतात,
अन तोच एक डाव मांडून बसतात,
तरी त्यांना मजा येतेसं दिसतं !

आता मी आहे एक बशी !
रोज रोज माझ्यातून, तेच दोघं
तोच तो दुधाचा चहा पितात एकत्र..
कधी कधी मला एकमेकांवर फेकूनही मारतात !
त्यांच्या ह्या खेळात त्यांना मजा येत असेल का?


Monday, February 8, 2010


(एका मित्राच्या 'सत्यकथे' वर आधारित!)

विसरून दूर मजला गेलीच अप्सरैक,
सोडील साथ तनुची छाया कधी क्षणैक?
गन्धर्व मी न, तरीही म्हणतो तिला मनात,
उभया पलायन करू, जमवू 'गान्धर्व लग्न!'


Sunday, February 7, 2010


धरणी नं सोडलं आभाळासाठी
तिचं ते अपूर्णतेतलं निरागस, कल्पक स्वातंत्र्य
ज्याचं नेमकं आभाळाच्या लेखी काssही नाही !
आणि आभाळानं त्यागली
त्याची ती निर्गुण, आत्म-मग्न संपूर्णता
त्याचं नेमकं धरणीच्या लेखी काssही नाही !

तरीही येतात एकत्र दोघं..
तो चिडतो, गडगडतो, गारा आणि वीज पाडतो,
ती ही संतापानं थरथर कापते,
ज्वालामुखी फुटतो कधी कधी,
पण बनवतात एकत्र - एक उद्याचं क्षितिज !


Thursday, February 4, 2010

देवाचे प्रयोग

(स्वत:लाच कधी कधी स्वत:चा एखादा गुण आवडत नाही, त्याबद्दल..)

एकदा ना एक गम्मत झाली,
एका सिंहाच्या आत्म्याने शेळीचा जन्म घेतला,
चारा त्याला गिळ्वेना, डरकाळी काही फुटेना,
मनातली डरकाळी ऐकू जात नसे कुणाला

त्याचं मन खात होतं
की एक सिंह एका शेळीला खाऊन सुखी होता?

एकदा अजून एक गम्मत झाली,
एका शेळीच्या आत्म्याने सिंहाचा जन्म घेतला,
सिंह-पुरात गवत खातो म्हणून वेडा ठरवला गेला,
आणि शेळीचं मांसही कसा खाणार बिचारा?

स्वत:ला खायला स्वत:च शोधत फिरणारा
हा असा कसा भुकेला कस्तुरी-मृग ?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our India - Our Choice!

In India, it takes no longer than sipping down a cup of Tea on a fine afternoon, to hear something like:
"अरे कुछ नहीं हो सकता, शर्माजी! हमारा सिस्टम ही बर्बाद है।"
This is a short account of my thoughts on this experience. I am sure all of you must have heard this very often.

A team is more than a collection of people. Having all 11 Tendulkars in Indian cricket team does not make it the Champion team. There is something more to it, a dynamic factor, that is subtle, yet very important. It is the interpersonal interaction, the bonds. It decides how strong the team is.

It is true that India has had its share of smart people who had a great vision, opportunities and keen abilities and who made their dreams come true. Although it is not just the presence of such individuals (the 'Avatars' of our own mythology) that make great nations. In my opinion, robust societies make a nation thrive even through its most troubled times. Great societies make nations great.

Coming to think of the fundamental unit of such a society, it is often thought and passed on, that it is the individuals and the families! I differ!! In my opinion a more relevant part of society starts outside the family, and extends further to make the People of a country. The unit of society (that matters), then, is the inter-personal interaction. This is a more subtle and a dynamic unit.

When we keep hearing about the screwed up system from our friends, colleagues, office-clerks, street hawkers and what not, we are actually participating in this unit of the society. Such trillions of everyday interactions, then, get a form, often called the common mind, or the undercurrent of a society.

In our everyday interactions with people, when we say and hear only about so much negativity, the never-ending corruption and exploitation in our system, and not about our strengths, we are helping it propagate as a common understanding of the present in the society, or the society's mind. How so subtle and ineffective such an interaction may look like, it does build the system from within. We are ruining the system ourselves by always sharing only the negative thoughts ! I blame not the politicians, they are doing perfectly fine, accumulating and using the undercurrent of the society, as that is what they are there for! It is not them politicians who are ruining it! It's us! We are and we make the system !

Can we decide to always share some good things, strengths and uniqueness of our Indian society? If we start doing it, we will soon start to discover such strengths no-one ever observed. This should work similar to how positive thinking works for an individual. This, is thinking positive for India!

So can we change? Do we still think that our sharing positive thoughts with each others is not going to help build a stronger India ?

It is really our choice!