Monday, June 6, 2011

Govt. committed to present the Shoe-Hurl Bill in the Monsoon Session

A Kanda-News report, June 6 2012 (New Delhi) :

After a handful of spectacular Satyagrahas at the lavish Hotel RavaN-leela, New Delhi, the government has finally accepted to draft a bill for the "Right to Hurl a Shoe in a Government Press Briefing" (also known as the Shoe-Hurl Bill) and present it at the Monsoon parliamentary Session. "This is a great success of the newly awakened Indian society and will be a milestone towards a successful democracy" said the spokesperson of the pioneering Satyagraha based NGO "burp-IT", the pivotal organization behind planning and execution of the Satyagrahas and hundreds of nation-wide 'awakening meetings' for the cause.

According to the list of demands and recommendations made by burp-IT to the Government, the Shoe-Hurl Bill would give all Indian citizens a right to hurl one shoe towards the speaker at a Government press briefing. This promises to open new avenues to the reporters for asking questions, at the same time conveying their standpoint. The reporters will have to throw the shoe in strictly a standing position (to succinctly convey their standpoint). As an additional effort on behalf of the Government, a special mechanical system is being designed for the physically handicapped reporters to stand, if willing to exercise this right. All civil society members and various Satyagraha NGOs commended government's efforts for being considerate of the disabled reporters. The opposition's view on the Government's extra efforts was the same as any of their past views in last 4 years, viz. the Government is trying to win commendations and votes in view of the upcoming elections.


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