Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Figure of speech- Resume

(in school-English this is also called hyperbole or exaggeration)

(लोक resume मधे काहीही लिहितात, त्यासाठी..)

आत्तापर्यंत काहीही न केलेल्या २१ वर्षीय बबन्या च्या resume वरची ही वाक्ये :
1. Successfully revolved around the Sun 21 times (19728967187.916 Km) along with other Celestial Bodies
2. Showed competency with others in terms of speed of revolution
3. Fast learner : Picked up rhythmic breathing skills at the earliest
4. Not afraid of green ghosts that rise in elliptical fashion up Northwards
5. Ability to complete dreams through interruptions in sleep
6. Ability to draw impressive conclusions which has been proven useful in resume building

Quick question: find a post suitable for बबन्या.


  1. anywhere in today's advertisement industry!
    nice one though.